Welcome to Kindergarten Information – Fall 2017

Welcome to Kindergarten!


Welcome to Mrs. LaLonde’s Kindergarten blog. This blog will be your one-stop shop for important class information, procedures you forgot from Open House, our weekly newsletters, homework and much, much, more. 

Please make sure to subscribe to the classroom blog. This is how I communicate with parents this year. How to Subscribe: Enter your e-mail information in the lower right box on this page!

Please feel free to look at the Class List page to see if you know a few friends, Summer Before Kindergarten page to see what you can work on this summer and the School Supply List.

Kindergarten Open House: Will be held at Alward Elementary on Monday, August 23rd @ 6:30 pm. If you would like to bring your school supplies to Open House, you are welcome to drop them off in the room. This way you have less to worry about on that exciting first day back to school! 🙂 If you do plan on bringing your supplies please put them in a paper grocery bag labeled with your child’s name. I will organize it after Open House. 

Supply List: Please click the School Supply page to view what we will need in Kindergarten! Depending on the season, we go through a lot of cleaning and sanitizing items. We also have a bit of a learning curve with glue!  Some of our items are also given to your child’s specials teacher for use when they are visiting. Many teachers will be asking for similar items at Open House on their wish lists.  Please only label backpacks, scissors, and lunch boxes!


*Please e-mail me a picture of your Kindergartener ASAP. Please remember to include their name and how you would like it spelled:) I would love to be able to recognize their face at Open House. My e-mail address is hlalond@hpseagles.net     

Please feel free to contact me before school starts if you have any questions!

Mrs. LaLonde